DBF Manager v1.29 beta is released.
Published on October 3rd, 2005

We are pleased to announce beta release of DBF Manager. This beta fixes some bugs and has significant improvements. We added user-friendly dialog for filtering data and now it’s useful both for beginners and advanced users.
DBF Manager v1.29 beta changes:

  • Added ‘Simple mode’ tab to filter dialog box
  • Added Set filter off menu item
  • Added Set filter on/off toolbar
  • Improved Find and Replace dialogs
  • Fixed bug with Duplicating records
  • Fixed bug with exporting to SQL script
  • Some cosmetic improvements

DBF Doctor 1.04 is released
Published on June 23rd, 2005
We are proud to announce the release of DBF Doctor v 1.04

DBF Doctor is a valuable addition to the software toolkit of any IT professional. It enables you to restore important data from a damaged or corrupt database file in minutes. Good recovery chances are ensured by the use of a subtle recovery engine. It automatically analyzes the headers and data structure of the file and rebuilds damaged segments with a remarkable accuracy. Also, you can take control of the recovery process and work with the data manually.

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DBF Manager v1.25 is released.
Published on June 3rd, 2005

DBF Manager changes:

  • Fixed bug ‘Access denied..’ on read-only files
  • Fixed bug with Logical fields
  • Fixed bug with altering structures
  • Improved work of deleting duplicate rows
  • Many other interface and functionality improvements and fixes

DBF Doctor v1.02 is released.
Published on May 25th, 2005

DBF Doctor v1.02 changes:

  • First public version is released.

DBF Manager v1.24 build 44 is released.
Published on April 4th, 2005

DBF Manager changes:

  • Fixed bug with printing table structures
  • Improved work of merging dbf files
  • Added support of Visual Foxpro tables with autoincrement fields
  • Some minor bugs were fixed