Servicio de recuperación de DBF

Astersoft Co. offers the service for recovering corrupt DBF databases. We have a good experience in repairing the damaged dbf files. If your database has been damaged by power outages, machine or software failures, we can help with a service to repair your files.
We hope that you will never need such service, but if you have a corrupted database, we are ready to help you in recovering it with the minimum of expenses.

Time spend to repair the database

The work time includes repairing actions and checking the database with backup/restore process.

Current price is $69/per hour (min. 1 hour).

We are always ready to negotiate a contract for repairing several databases with a flat rate "per database" with agreed price.

Research fee

We may ask you to pay research fee - it costs as low as $35. Usually we ask you to pay such fee after the first-look file examination, when the repairing is expected to be difficult and we are not sure that we can save a reasonable amount of data.

Getting started

If you need database repair, e-mail your database to us at , and our technicians will use their expertise to recover your valuable data. Please compress your files before send us. Usually we need only the .DBF, .DBC, .DCT, .FPT or .DBT files.

Service limitations
  • We cannot guarantee the amount of data that can be recovered.
  • As each dbf repair is different, we cannot guarantee the amount of time spent on the repair.
  • Some database file structure and/or record information may not be recoverable.
  • If we determine that not all data can be recovered, we'll contact you for approval before completing the repair.
  • If the technician determines that there is significant data loss, you'll be contacted. At that time, you'll have the option to cancel the job.
  • You may cancel a job after work has begun, you won't be charged the full repair fee. However, there is, in most cases, a research fee.
  • You won't be charged the full repair fee until the repair is completed. The research fee may be levied when work is begun.